I’m a semi-retired engineer.  I was an Intel Fellow.  I’ve worked in the area of design of microprocessor CPU chips for 34+ years.  If you’re interest in more technical Bio, then visit http://www.linkedin.com/in/billgrundmann

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Jim Chou Says:

    Read your blog with great interest. We are trying to connect a Canon T1i with an in-house flash used in a microscope.

    We think manual TTL may be best for us. But we need information on the pin assignment of Hot Shoe. Do you have any suggestion?



  2. ch3ka Says:

    Hi there I just stubled upon your ETTL Research as I wanted to use TTL with flashes not triggered by the camera, so I’d need to play some man-in-the-middle stuff.
    I am working on Hi-Speed-Photography and basically I need a setup where a controller would tell the camera to fire, start the event, and then a sensor would tell the controller to fire the flashes in the right moment.
    Using TTL for that might be a bit uncommon, but it sounded like a cool hack to try to me 😉

    So I wanted to ask if you also did research on plain TTL and since I am curious whether you made any progress on ETTL?

  3. THOMAS Shue Says:

    Hello I was forwarded your blog bu a friend, Awesome stuff btw, I was wondering if you have time to tart a new project with canon flash, It is way more simple than what you are doing,. I want to build a hotshoe adapter to enable HSS mode and use cheap bay triggers to fire off camera flash, My cell is 816-304-1973 I have a budget fir this s project. I did it with my Olympus camera, I can do it on Canon but it takes an optical trigger t o do it, I realu need your help here si a link of mr doing what I want to do with canon but shown in Olympus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HK7VC80NSvw

    • billgrundmann Says:

      Hi Thomas,

      As you can tell from my posts I really haven’t done anything for a long, long time. I got to a point where I thought there was good enough solutions for the problem already and I also took on another demanding job. What are you looking for in help?


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