Another NunChuk to Arduino adaptor

I saw the little PC board that someone is selling on the Web, but I wanted to brushup on PC layout techniques and low-volume PC board manufacturing (aka diy PC boards).  I measured the size of the connector on NunChuk and used the pin-out information I found and designed my own board.  It is a two-sided board without plated-through holes (which causes yet other problems).  Since the individual boards are so small, I decided to do a strip containing 4 at a time and then cut them out for use later.

These work great.  Here are some pictures.  I beg your forgiveness on the sloppyness of the soldering as I had hole drilling problems and non plated holes.



I printed the image using a laser printer on photo-paper, a hot iron to transfer the image to the board, water to remove the paper, and etched using a 2-to-1 mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and Muriatic Acid.  The etching itself only took about 2-3 minutes – very fast.  I didn’t have the correct drill bits (this time around), so I kindof burned the holes with a wire (not the recommended way to do this).  Since I made these I have invested in the appropriate drill hardware.

for now..


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